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Types of Portable Flood Lights Lowes

The development of era also turns out to affect the increasing type of exterior lights for the house. The lights have increasingly diverse colors. The beam of light is getting stronger but the energy needed less. The electricity used is more efficient. One of popular light is portable flood lights Lowes.

Incandescent lamps or often referred to as a bulb is a light that already exist from a bygone era. You must be very aware of the characters behind this light. The bright yellow color generated from the bulb lamps is very warm and interesting. Although known to be wasteful of energy, this one light is still often used by people to create a certain atmosphere in the exterior homes. The price is cheap! Unfortunately, the lamps contain filaments, nitrogen gas, hydrogen, argon, and others. Therefore, it is quickly off. Its use is only about three to four months or 1000 hours. You must buy a new incandescent portable flood lights Lowes if the other lamp is off.

Besides, there is also fluorescent light. Some people call it TL or tubular lamp, but most often people call it a fluorescent lamp. The shape of the fluorescent lamp itself is very diverse. Fluorescent lamps have brighter light and are also energy efficient. If you use this one light at home, you do not need to replace it for the next 10 years. Fluorescent portable flood lights Lowes with good brand have relatively more expensive price. If you buy a cheap fluorescent lamp, its durability may be up to six months only. Besides the advantages above, here are the positive benefits of using fluorescent lights. It is cost-effective because you do not need to buy lamps often. It has a variety of colors such as yellow, white, and other colors. It is eco-friendly because you only use one light in a period of time.

The third type of light is LED light. In contrast to the two previous lights, this type of illumination has no incandescent but consists of semiconductor circuits that can emit light when it gets electricity. Because of the shaping element and the emission of light from the electricity, LED light also does not cause excessive heat. House that uses LED lights will not easily become hot. Here are the other advantages of LED lights that you need to know. The color is very diverse ranging from white, yellow, blue, and red. It saves the energy because it emits bright light with a small watt compared to neon. It is durable. It can stay alive for up to 20 years. Oh, yes! Although the price is relatively expensive, the use of LED lights is still more efficient. If accumulated, you can save a lot of money because you do not have to buy a lamp every year.