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Outdoor Led String Lights Installation

If we plan to use the outdoor LED string lights that will help improve the overall appearance of the house, then we have done the right thing. However, be sure to choose carefully and carry out the installation properly. Here we describe how to install for outdoor string lighting. Although this is a fairly easy job, but we still need a number of good planning. Select a product, tool, and the right design before starting the job.


(1) measurement and preparation – this is the basic thing that we must do where we need to take measurements for a string of lights and wire cable is required to include an outdoor area that we want. When performing measurements on the lights, make sure the length can reach a power source. As for preparation, prepare a number of tools such as our new string of lights, cable wire, screw hoods, cable clips, wire cutter, and zip ties.


(2) Installation – the first step in the installation of outdoor LED string lights is to mount screw hooks. We can put the screw hooks on a number of mounting points. Do not forget to put it on something solid to avoid unwanted things. The second installation step is to connect and tighten the cable. When the screw hooks have been placed in the right place, then the next step is that we can begin to hang the cable. Do not forget to use a cable clip that will be very useful when we made a number of adjustments (cable length and simultaneously tighten the wire). The last step, we can immediately attach the outdoor LED string lights.
Doing installation by ourselves for outdoor LED string lights is not difficult. As long as we want to pay attention to how the proper installation, then within a short time we could present the appearance of more WOW whole house. When we doubt our ability to do the installation, then the internet will be the source that we can rely on. There are many tutorials mounting there could be learned that will make this project more enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab your laptop and find tutorial for outdoor string lights installation through Youtube or other sites. As a good homeowner, we must be understand how important the existence of lighting, include for outdoor. Lighting that choosen with considering many aspects, not only design or style but also its utility will bring good things.