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Enjoy The String Lights Pinterest

There are many options for the string lights Pinterest that we can get start from the choice of design, color, size, shape, and other spec so charming and in harmony with the outdoor display. Outdoor lighting becomes one of the things that must be considered for homeowners because without proper lighting, the house will seem dark and dull, which is certainly not desired by any homeowner. In addition, the safety factor becomes another important thing because the dark streets can cause various things that are not desirable.
Before we see more for string lights Pinterest, it’s good to understand what it’s a string lights. String lights are part of the outdoor lighting that comes with a strand design that can be used to decorate items ranging from wrapping columns, trees, handles, and so on. Here are some basic things of string lights that we need to understand. (1) Length – depending on the needs of each home owner when intending to use string lights. The best way to determine how long we need is to use twine as a stand-in. We can stretch it from one point to the next where our lights would go. Do not forget to consider where the outlet is located. If we want to decorate a column or tree using string lights, then do the measurements and multiply by how many times we want to wrap it. After we determine how many total lengths of the string lights we need, divide by the length of the single strand. (2) Installation – we can choose to use staple gun with galvanized steel staples when deciding to place string lights on walls or trees or columns or beams. Begin installation near the power source and make sure to install it slightly loose in the first point. Make sure also that the strands are always centered so we do not staple the cord. Depending on the weight of the lights, we can apply the staple with a shorter distance for the light bulb and further for the lighter lights. (3) Bulbs – depending on the view we want, we can choose different types of bulbs. If we want a more delicate decoration, then we can choose bulbs with smaller size. If we want to provide sufficient amount of illumination, bulbs of larger size can be a perfect solution. Get more image through string lights Pinterest.
Whichever type of bulbs or design we choose, make sure we remember one thing that once string lights are installed, we can add another type of illumination for extra brightness. However, make sure that we pay attention to the position where we will put the other lighting in order to look flooded impressed can be avoided. (4) Colors – there are many color type options that we can find when searching for the string lights Pinterest. We can choose to use white or colorful colors.