Dealing with a Round Outdoor Table: 4 Tips on Buying a Durable Table |

Dealing with a Round Outdoor Table: 4 Tips on Buying a Durable Table

Talking about backyard furniture, it will not be complete without a round outdoor table. This table will probably become the perfect spot to sit around and eat meal comfortably with friends and family while enjoying the wind breeze. A round table is perfect for any gathering since everyone can see each other while talking. Take your future round outdoor table as an investment, hence, you need to carefully choose a durable table that you can use for years. Check out several tips on buying a durable round outdoor table below.

The Best Material for a Round Outdoor Table

Since your table will face the outdoor weather directly, you might want to consider buying the waterproof and weatherproof ones. Wood and wicker tables will give a classic vibe, while rattan looks more contemporary. If you want to cut on a budget on the maintenance cost, consider buying a teak round outdoor table as it is highly waterproof and will still look great even with minimal maintenance. A marble or glass round outdoor table is also everyone’s favorite since it is easy to wipe clean. However, if small children’s safety concerns you, avoid purchasing metal and glass tables since both materials can be dangerous with children around. Whatever the material you prefer, make sure that it can withstand the temperature and moisture fluctuations.

Table Size

Of course, in buying the round outdoor table you need to suit it with your needs. If you love to invite many people, a six- to eight-person table suits you the best. However, if you only need to cater your family members, a smaller table will work. Despite your needs, make sure to measure the space and the size of the table.

Well-Constructed Outdoor Table

Make sure that the round outdoor table that you buy is well-constructed. Furniture with stainless steel screws are the best option since it can withstand rust. Avoid buying tables which is held together by glue and staples since they tend to come apart easily.

Weatherproof Cushions and Pillow

To complement your round outdoor table, you might want to put several cushions and pillow. Weatherproof cushions and pillow made of synthetic fabrics dry quicker to avoid water damage. There are also some cushions and pillow made from fabrics that are designed to block UV rays so that the colors are still vivid over time.

A round outdoor table suits almost any types of patio, however, it works best when placed in the middle of a curved patio, as it will likely fit the space better. Consider buying a curved bench too since it will allow you to squeeze more people without being cramped.

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