Butterfly Wall Décor 2016

Butterfly wall décor can beautify your home room. Butterfly is identical to the animal that brings beauty and cool impression. Just try to imagine when you look at a butterfly passes in front of you. In a few seconds you will be enchanted by the beauty of colors and motifs that artifacts in both wings. Flapping its wings can hypnotize anyone who saw it. The reason is what makes some people happy decorate his house with butterfly. Wall décor can be made from various materials, such as art paper, metal, stickers and flannel. You can choose the type of décor wall accordance with the conditions of the room and budget. If you want to save more money, you can create its own wall décor with view video tutorials that can be found in the online sites easily.

The price butterfly wall décor offered is of a very diverse. You can find wall décor from tens to hundreds of dollars. Prices will be determined based on the motifs and materials of manufacture. Butterfly made of an art paper can be installed at will. You can create an interesting object from the collection of butterfly. There are various sizes butterfly that can be created from art paper. Then, place the butterfly in sequence according to the object you are drawing on the wall. For example, you can create the object ‘love’ of the butterfly collection. Although art paper is an inexpensive option for a wall décor, but you will experience some difficulty in treatment, i.e. paper which quickly dusty, faded fast color and glue are no longer firmly attached.

Typically, in an art paper pack contained 12 pieces of wall décor. That means you need more than two packages of wall décor for your convenience. Other options for your wall décor are sticker or metal. This material is more durable than just art paper taped to the wall, addition, metal and stickers can be cleaned when exposed to dust and dirt. You can create various forms of butterfly of the two materials. Find your favorite butterfly wall décor in some online shop.